King Fish Trading Ltd.
Pacific Northwest Fish Buyers and Brokers  Specializing in  "Wild Salmon"

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King Fish Trading Ltd.

Founded in 1976 by Jim and Beverly Saunders, King Fish Trading began as a fish buyer/processor on the Columbia River in The Dalles, Oregon. The company purchased salmon, sturgeon and steelhead from the Native fishermen on the upper Columbia and from the commercial fishermen on the lower Columbia. 
Over the next few decades King Fish became one of the largest buyers and processors of wild salmon on the Columbia River. As the fishing populations dwindled, King Fish began developing underutilized species including working with the Yakima Tribe and the Fish and Wildlife Departments and the Army Corps of Engineers, in developing a commercial shad fishery.
King Fish also began to look outside of the US for fish products and has developed markets with Canadian companies and fishermen. 
King Fish is now a Canadian company that continues to broker both US and Canadian products.

Contact Us:

Jim Saunders  503 407-8572

Beverly Saunders 503 407-9360