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Northern Divine Caviar, the Canadian Caviar   
Northern Divine is a pure and simple caviar crafted from white sturgeon roe and a touch of salt. The dark glossy pearls are generously sized and firm on the palette and are guaranteed to delight with their smooth buttery texture and 
faint suggestion of ocean spray. 

Northern Divine caviar is Ocean Wise ™, certified organic, sustainable and eco-friendly. Our sturgeon are raised according to ethical food production processes. Our caviar is a great choice for consumers who are concerned about their world and environment. 

Northern Divine caviar is crafted by Target Marine Hatcheries of Sechelt, British Columbia, Canada which began in 1994 and started raising sturgeon in 2000.

Northern Divine caviar is available in our own label tins or we can pack to your specifications and label in tins or glass jars. 

Wild Salmon Caviar, USA product
Our US wild salmon caviar is processed from chum, king and coho salmon. It has a minimum amount of salt to compliment the grade of roe being processed. 

This appealing ikura (single egg) red caviar is presented  in the traditional 1 kilo bento box that has been freshly frozen during season.

Our salmon caviar is processed by QSea Specialties of Washington state, USA. to their caviar chef's specifications.

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